Analytical Balance India

  • Best balance for Basic Weighing application
  • Multiple weighing units Incl Custom Weighing Unit
  • RS232 Interface for connectivity to Printer & PC
  • Removable glass shields makes it easy to clean
  • Glass Shields Standard for 1mg & 0.1mg models
  • Optional InCal Motorized Calibration
  • Most Intuitive & Intelligent Balance in the World
  • Touchless Configurable IR Sensors
  • Never seen before Large TFT Color, Touchpad Screen Indicator
  • Coupled with Most Advanced Features for Convenience & Performance.
  • Numerous Approvals meeting most Global Standards
  • Applications – SQC, Formulation, Ingredient costing, Pipette Calibration,etc.
  • Easy Access, Frameless Draftshield with Removable Doors
  • SmarText Software Guides Users through Balance Use
  • Standard RS232 Interface for connectivity to Printer & PC
  • Flexible Options- InCal Internal Calibration, USB, RS232
  • Easy Viewing Backlit LCD Display
  • Fully application loaded balance -
    SQC, Pipette Calibration, Formulation,
  • Application library to quickly recall past procedures
  • Brilliant Backlit Dot Matrix LCD Display
  • Robust, Rugged & Sturdy design
  • Semi Micro (5 Decimal) Balance upto 42g capacity
  • Compact, High Performance Yet Economical
  • Fully Automatic Self Calibration system
  • Unique Door designed for Vibration free measurments
  • Data Memory function - Stores 200 Measurements.
  • Fully Automatic Calibration with Clock Cal feature
  • Unibloc Technology ensure Stable performance
  • Fast Response, Compact Size, Multiple Application modes, etc
  • Analog bar graph display, Easy PC connectivity, etc.

Voyager Series

Voyager® Pro Analytical and Precision Balances Intelligent Performance - No Matter How Difficult the Task

The OHAUS Voyager Pro Series’ advanced applications simplify even the most complex laboratory measurements. Whether it’s determining the difference between initial and residual weights or calculating the density of solids and liquids, Voyager Pro eliminates the need for time consuming manual calculations and data logging. The high resolution display and innovative user interface make balance setup and operation effortless.

• Analytical models have capacities from 65g to 210g and incorporate a large contoured weighing chamber for optimum draft protection. Precision models offer capacities from 210g to 8100g with readability to 0.1g.

• Standard features include Statistics, Formulation, Differential Weighing, Statistical Quality Control (SQC), Density Determination and Pipette Calibration, RS232, full GLP/GMP data output, AutoCal™ automatic calibration and an applications library.

• Innovative software Simple to use and easy to follow, with no training or manual required! The 3 application specific soft-keys allow direct access to features such as calibration, units, sample size and reference information at a touch of a button in a choice of 5 different operational languages.

Type Description
Display Dot Matrix Display with Backlight
Operation AC Adapter (Included)
Communication RS232 with GLP/GMP Data Ouput and Real Time Clock Function
Construction Metal base, ABS top housing, stainless steel pan, glass draftshield with sliding top door, replaceable in-user cover
Design Features Applications library, selectable 5 language display text, RS232 port, auxiliary display port, GLP protocol, selectable operating language, selectable displayed information settings, selectable environmental settings, selectable auto-print settings, integral weigh below hook, contrast & brightness control, protective in-use cover, software lock switch

Specifications :
Model Code Capacity Readability Platform Application Modes
VP64CN 61g 0.1mg 90mm Statistics, Formulation, Differential Weighing, SQC, Density Determination Pipette Calibration Parts Counting Dynamic Weighing Checkweighing Percent Weighing Filling Gross-Net-Tare Weighing
VP114CN 110g 0.1mg 90mm
VP214CN 210g 0.1mg 90mm
VP214DCN 100/210g 0.1/1mg 90mm
VP213CN 210g 1mg 120mm
VP413CN 410g 1mg 120mm
VP413DCN 100/410g 1/10mg 120mm
VP613CN 610g 1mg 120mm
VP2102CN 2100g 0.01g 172x172mm
VP4102CN 4100g 0.01g 172x172mm
VP6102CN 6100g 0.01g 172x172mm
VP4101CN 4100g 0.1g 172x172mm
VP6101CN 6100g 0.1g 172x172mm
VP8101CN 8100g 0.1g 172x172mm

HR-i Series - Analytical Semi-Micro Balance


  • • Standard RS-232C
  • • Multiple Weighing Units
  • • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO Compliance 
  • • ID Number 
  • • Standard Under hook 
  • • A free copy of WinCT-A&D's powerful and flexible data collection software tool for virtually WinCT Software

Model Capacity Resolution Pan Size O
HR-202i 220g / 51g 0.1 / 0.01mg 90mm
HR-300i 320g 0.1mg

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