Precision Balance

Pioneer Series
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Adventure Pro Series
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Voyager Series
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Scout Pro Series
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Fxi Series
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Gf Series
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Gp Series
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Uw Series
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Ux Series
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FX-i Series

FX-i Series Features

  • • Compact, B5 size footprint
  • Fast, 1 second stabilization
  • • Shock absorber function
  • • Large bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • • Multiple weighing units
  • • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant
  • • Statistical calculation function
  • • Response adjustment function
  • • ACAI – Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement
  • • Built-in rechargeable battery (optional)

External Input / Output
RS-232C interface
Quick USB interface (optional)
LAN – Ethernet interface with WinCT-Plus software (optional)


FXi-02 : Quick USB interface with cable
FXi-08 : Ethernet interface with WinCT-Plus software
FXi-09 :Built-in rechargeable battery
FXi-10 : Small breeze break
FXi-11 :Large breeze break
FXi-12 :Animal weighing pan
(FX-1200i / 2000i / 3000i)

FXi-15 :Carrying case
* FXi-02, FXi-08 and FXi-09 cannot be used at the same time.

Model FX-120i FX-200i FX-300i FX-1200i FX-2000i FX-3000i
Weighing capacity 122g 220g 320g 1220g 2200g 3200g
Minimum weighing value 0.001g 0.01g
Counting mode Minimum unit mass 0.001g 0.01g
Number of samples 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 pieces
Percent mode Minimum 100% reference mass 0.100g 1.00g
Minimum 100% display 0.01%, 0.1%, 1% (depends on the reference mass stored)
Weighing pan (diameter) 130mm 150mm

GF Series

GF Series - SHS (Super Hybrid Sensor) Technology The World's Most User-Friendly Balance


  • • Fast, new Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) gives you the ultimate in response speed - Just ONE Second!
  • Resolution Range among models: 1/61,000 to 1/1,100,000
  • • Large, bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display - see the display even in the dark
  • • Percentage, Counting Functions & Comparator functions
  • • ACAI Counting Function for highly accurate counting
  • • Bright, blue Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • • GLP/GMP/ISO Compliance


USB interface - driver installation not necessary
Comparator Output (Dealer Installed Option)
Analog Output (Dealer Installed Option)
Glass Breeze Break Animal Weighing Pan
Density Determination Kit for GF 200/400/600/800/1000

Model Capacity Resolution Pan Size
GF-200 210g 0.001g 128 x128mm
GF-300 310g 0.001g
GF-400 410g 0.001g
GF-600 610g 0.001g
GF-800 810g 0.001g
GF-1000 1100g 0.001g
GF-1200 1210g 0.01g 165 x165mm
GF-2000 2100g 0.01g
GF-3000 3100g 0.01g
GF-4000 4100g 0.01g
GF-6100 6100g 0.01g
GF-6000 6100g 0.1g
GF-8000 8100g 0.1g

GP Series

GP Series - The World's Most User-Friendly Industrial Ba


GP Series SHS (Super Hybrid Sensor) Technology Built-in Motorized Calibration Weight Water and Dust proof IP65


  • • Water & Dust Proof IP-65/NEMA4 Compliant
  • • GLP/GMP/ISO Compliant
  • • Standard RS-232C Interface
  • • ID Number
  • • Density determination
  • • HI, OK, LO Indicator
  • • Accumulation of weighing results
  • • Internal Calibration
  • • Display Auto Power OFF
  • • Auto Power ON
  • • Data Memory
  • • Time & Date
  • • Auto Self Checking
  • • Optional Under hook
  • • Interval Time Setting
  • • Auto Re-Zero
  • • Large Stainless Steel Weighing Pan
  • • Multiple Weighing Units & Programmable Unit
  • • Smart Range*
  • • Bundled with A&D's new WinCT Software


GP-04: Comparator Output (Relay with Buzzer) / RS-232C / Current Loop
GP-06: Analog/Current Loop Output
GP-07: 5-meter Connection Cable (factory option) (For GP-30KS / 32KS / 60KS / 61KS / GP-100KS)
GP-12: Animal Weighing Pan (288 x 360 x 317 mm)
GP-20: Under Hook (For GP-12K / 20K / 30K / 32K / 40K / 30KS / 32KS)
GP-21: Under Hook (For GP-60K / 100K / 102K / 100KS)
GP-22: AD-8121B Printer Support

Model Capacity Resolution Pan Size(mm) W x D
GP-12K 12kg 0.1g 384 x 344
GP-20K 21kg 0.1g
GP-30K 31kg 0.1 g
GP-30KS (separate) 31kg 0.1 g
GP-32K 31kg / 6.1kg 1/0.1g
GP-32KS (separate) 31kg / 6.1kg 1/0.1g
GP-40K 41kg 0.5g
GP-60K 61kg 1g
GP-60KS (separate) 61kg 1g
GP-61K 61kg 0.1g
GP-61KS (separate) 61kg 0.1g
GP-100K 101kg 1g 386 x 346
GP-100KS (separate) 101kg 1g
GP102K 101kg / 61kg 10/1g

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